“An architect's role is to create spaces which meet THE needs of the people, and inspire growth and BEAUTY.”
  • Lebanon-based Architect Nour Mezher’s experience of living in Africa, the Middle East and Europe has expanded her knowledge on Urban Planning and Architecture Evolution. Coming from a scientific background, she achieved a Bachelors’ Degree in Architecture from the Lebanese American University (LAU), and a Masters’ Degree in Advanced Architecture from the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC). Nour draws upon these experiences in her quest for developing structures which can enhance the local environment, with functionality, sustainability and accessibility at the core of every design.

  • As a painter, Nour’s development as an Architect is strengthened by her artistic flair; a natural understanding of composition and aesthetic. Her projects draw inspiration from a combination of the visible every-day, such as nature and human behavior, to the invisible world of the organic structures within plants and animals. This inspiration is conveyed by her use of expressive geometry and data-driven designs with a focus on parametric, kinetic, and aesthetic qualities.
  • MISSION: Nour Mezher creates innovative, sustainable and functional architectural designs, with the aim of providing structures which meet the needs of the people at the heart of every project.