What Is Minimalism, Exactly?

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off’"
Coco Chanel

Clutter free      |      Less is more      |      Functional      |      Clean lines      |      White on white on white

All of the above could be the basic definition of minimalism. However, these same terms might also be part of the definition of modernism and contemporary design. So what’s the difference then?  we're setting the record straight once and for all on what minimalism actually is.
First, this movement grew out of a rejection for expressionism. While abstract expressionism resulted in an almost chaotic design style due to its emotional intensity, minimalism removes all excess, creating harmony from simplicity, by prioritizing efficiency.

This design movement relies on Cutting out as many "extras" as you can, because minimalism is all about what is strictly functional. No trendy accent tables or chairs that are totally uncomfortable to actually sit in. If you aren't going to use it and it isn't absolutely necessary, it's gone.

In the process, minimalism designer kick the clutter out. Countertops, your dining table, your dresser need to be cleared. store what you need out of sight, and remove anything that isn't totally necessary.

The use of a neutral color palette is mandatory as no piece of furniture or colors should ever dominate the space. Neutral tones keeps the space clean and fresh, and makes everything feel just a bit more calm. And in order to add warmth, Texture like Sheepskin rugs, linen pillows, and knit is used instead of pattern, furniture or décor element.  

This design concept does not adopt Trendy pieces since it seeks to choose items that will stand the test of time. It is all about living with less, but living with better. It’s a less is more approach.

Finally, minimalism emphasis on the architectural aspect of the space by reducing designs and decor to their most basic and necessary form. Whether floor or countertop, it encourages open spaces and  beauty in the simplicity. Excess should never obscure design.

Could you go full minimalist?
Clutter is my comfort zone // Less is always more


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